Solid is a modular soap holder system designed for solid soap. soap requires a lot of plastic packaging, a change from liquid to solid soap makes a good impact on our environment. It allows you to store several solid soaps in your shower, based on your personal needs. To simplify the use of solid soap, Solid has a design that allows the water to drain off the soap and keep it dry to prevent stickiness. Solid is fixed to the wall by visible screws to express that the solid soap holder is a permanent and long lasting solution. Solid is casted in aluminum or bronze, both materials that can be recycled. Solid supports the change from liquid to solid soap and therefore helps us to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


A design that allow the water to drain off the soap keeps it dry and counter stickiness. If the system is fixed to the wall, it’s easy to access when standing in the shower. To make it easy to use several soap bars in the shower, the system should be modular or old several soap bars in one holder.


The design was made modular to allow the user to choose the amount of soaps by personal use. The shape was made softer to make it more suitable for a bathroom. It was also simplified and made more narrow to give a lighter expression. Grooves was added to minimize the contact surface between the holder and the soap. A smaller contact surface reduces the chance that the soap sticks to the holder. 


Different alternatives to fix the holder to the wall was explored, for example a rail where you can hang the holders or a shelf where you can place the holder. The alternative that was chosen was a fixture by screws into the wall. The screws express a more permanent feeling of the holder, compared to a rail where you can move and remove the holders. A long lasting expression can also be associated with luxury and high quality.

Promotional video for the Exhibition Forecast at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019.
My contribution: Movie director.

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