Moa Lundfeldt
My name is Moa and I'm an industrial designer from sweden. I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, and are currently studying my last year at the master program of industrial design at Lund University. On this website can you  find my previous works from my time of studying. Hope you enjoy!
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Master Programme in Industrial Design
Lunds Tekniska Högskola, 2018- (2020)
Master of Fine Arts in Design 120 Credits

Mechanical Engineering,
Programme in Industrial Design and Product Development
Örebro University 2015-2018
Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering 180 Credits
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 - Light Light 
Form/Design center Malmö 2019 - Forecast
Milan Design Week 2019 - Off the grid?
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019 - Forecast